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Seminar on Role of Cooperatives in socio-economic Development Development

By : स.ने.सं.
Posted On : 2011-8-12

A cooperatives is a unique from of business used by the people and businesses for their mutual benefit . Regardless of its purpose or memberships , starting a cooperative requires considerable time ,energy , commitment , and technical recourse . recognition of a cooperative .potential members must devote much time and energy to develop their new business . A cooperative require member commitment to finance and use the business and select knowledgeable directors who hire a competent manager

in order to achieve their maximum strength and effectiveness , cooperatives of various kinds must regard themselves and as far as possible , act as a district sector within the national economic of and any country . as business organization , cooperatives are essentially different from both private enterprise and public enterprise .They are a ''middle way'' as an economic sector . Cooperative must play a significant role of a Third Force to balance private and the public sector in the interest of general people . A cooperative is a business enterprise in which the elements of ownership, control and use of service are united in one group of persons. The distinguishing feature of cooperative business has a dual nature as economic enterprise with social motives. in our context, an economy based on one form of business organization alone is neither desirable no possible nor possible we believe that the best economic order is achieved through a mixed economy.

Governments are expected to provide a supportive policy, legal and institutional framework , provide support measures based on activities, provide oversight on terms equivalent to other forms of enterprise and social organization ,adopt measure to improve access to finance for disadvantaged grouped of people . government alone can contribute significantly to improve cooperatives performance by facilitating access of cooperatives to support service , particularly support to cooperatives human resource development though policy service .

Since the introduction of the cooperatives movement has taken place 54 years ago in Nepal. However there are still many challenges for the development of cooperatives

Movement. Taking into consideration of the fact prevailed in Nepal. the government of

Nepal has recognized that the cooperative is one of the pillars of national economic. in

Order to sensitize the important of cooperatives sector, the national cooperatives Federation of Nepal and the development of cooperatives have planned to organize a Seminar of "Roles of Cooperative in Economic Development" on August 17, 2011 in Katmandu, Nepal.

Participants of the forthcoming seminar will include policy makers, government representatives, cooperative officials and representatives of NGO and INGOs. The Seminar will bring together on group of local cooperators of different opinions and views. They (government officials) will be in a position to well understand the problems with multiple dimensions.

2. Objectives

There is an assumption that the seminar will achieve the following objectives for the cooperative development.

a) Shared views and experiences mutually between experts and cooperators.

B) realized the important of cooperatives for making the economic , social and

Cultural development of member and General people

C) given educative value of cooperatives to the local cooperative .

D) put strong ethical pressure on the government for the purpose of formulating

Policies , decision , programmers for cooperatives development in the interest of

The people and the country

3 organizer

The seminar will be organized jointly by the national cooperative federal tion and Nepal the national co operational development Board and development of cooperatives .

4 Participants

About 50 participant from cooperatives sector , representative of government and NGO and INGO will participate in the seminar

They will be circulated a copy of working paper prepared by the resource person in


5 duration of programmers

the seminar programmers will be on 17 August 2011 , Detail are attached in annex 1

6 venue

the programmes of the seminar will be conducted at the Everest hotal , New Baneshwor ,kathamandu ,

7 facilities

a) During the programme tea and coffee and lunch will be served to the participant .

b) logistice support will be provided to all the participants .

8 Travel

Participants will manage their travel arrangement by themselves .

National Cooperatives Federation of Nepal

G.P.O Box : 11859, Bujulibazar, kathmandu ,Nepal

Tel :0097-1-4781510/4781697, Fax 0097-1-4781326

E-mail : ncf@wlink.com.np,website www.ncfnepal.com.np

Seminar on role of cooperatives in socio economic Development

Programmers Schedule

Hotel The Everest , new Baneshwor , kathamandu , August 17, 2011 ( srawan 32 , 2068)

S. N





09 .00


Participants and Guests


09.00 to 09.15




09 .15to 09.30

Tea /Coffee

Participant and Guests




Mr . Keshav Prasad baral , chairperson of NCF/N



sitting on the dair

chair guest

Dr . chen ho choi , Regionl Director ICA –AP

other guest


9.40 to 9.45

Welcome speech


9.45 to 10.30

opening ceremony

Remark on seminar

Chief Guest





Dr. Chan ho chio ,Regional Director , ICA-AP

Chief Guest

Chairman NCF/N


11.oo -11.15


1st paper – Chaired by



Presentation of working paper on contribution and Achivements of cooperatives

Resource person




Participant and Resource and guests



Lunch Break

2nd paper - chaired person



Paper presentation of working paper on Rule of cooperation in socio economic Development

Resource person



open Discussion

Participant and Resource person and Guest



To be continued open Discussion

participant and Resource person and guests



Closing Remark

Mr . keshav Prasad Baral , chairman of NCF/N


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  By : dhanbahadur chaudhary, tikapur, 9 kailali (nepal), dhanbchaudhary@yahoo.com Posted : 2011-11-3  
  » I want to joint in this sahakari committee.

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हसना बचत तथा ऋण सहकारी संस्थाको पाँचौ वाषिक साधारण सभा सम्वधि सूचना

हसना बचत तथा ऋण सहकारी संस्था लि । यस संस्थाको पाँचौ वाषिक साधारण सभा यहि मिति २०७० आश्विन १२ गते शनिबार दिन हुने भएकोले संस्थाका सम्पुर्ण सदस्यहरुलाई जानकारी गराईन्छ ।

सूचना चौतारी सञ्चार सहकारी
संस्था लिमिटेडद्वारा प्रकाशित

हाम्रो बारेमा
प्रतिक्रिया लेख्नुहोस्
विज्ञापन दररेट

नीलसरस्वतिस्थान, लाजिम्पाट
काठमाडौँ, नेपाल
फोन: ९७७-१-४००३५८१/८२
विपिन शर्मा
तुलसीराम सुबेदी
धिरज बस्नेत
न्यूज अपलोडर
सृजना कार्की
तुलसा भट्टराई
राजु भण्डारी
देवेन्द्र थुम्केली
दीप खड्का
सीता घिमिरे
सहज काफ्ले
कार्यकारी निर्देशक
आशिष खड्का

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